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Serendipity Jade-Green Wallpaper. Featuring nature’s fresh green shades on a base of linen white to give that true sense of bringing the outdoors in. The word Serendipity transcribes to; a fortunate series of events... but don't leave this paper to chance! Indonesian Jungle leaves are depicted in sentient shades of luscious green. Bring the tropical vibe indoors and introduce a new vibrant lease of life to your space. Hand painted by us!


  • Printed in England on a 10m, 52cm wide roll of luxury paper.
  • Note; This paper is super easy to hang. Use a ready mixed prepared adhesive, cover your wall in the paste and place your wallpaper on top - and voila! No wallpaper table required..
  • Please note our wallpaper is printed to order so will take approx 14-21 days for delivery.
  • If you require help calculating your wallpaper, we suggest using this link to help calculate
  • Pattern Repeat is 56cm 1/2 drop repeat

Serendipity Wallpaper in Jade-Green

5.2 Square meters
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