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Kakao Matcha Wallpaper. Our Kakao design was inspired by the origins of delectable chocolate! On our inspiration trip to Costa Rica we watched the process of chocolate making from start to finish which was truly fascinating and of course, delicious. Our print Kakao features the famous fruit of the Theobroma cacao tree which are the pod like shapes within the design. The fruits harbour the cacao beans which are technically the seeds of the fruit. I wanted the style of the design to be childlike and naive to reflect the joy and nostalgia that I believe chocolate brings to people. Our Matcha colourway is inspired by the green hue of the famed Green Tea powder, Matcha. Extremely popular in East Asia most notably in Japan. We named the Kakao colourways after flavours that pair well with chocolate and matcha is certainly one of them, especially when fused with white chocolate. The colourway features a beautiful array of muted sage greens on an off white/cream background.


  • One roll is 10 metres long and is 52cm wide (5.2m squared of coverage) 
  • FSC certified.
  • Printed to order in the UK.
  • Hand painted by us in Cornwall.
  • Non-woven & paste the wall, so no wallpaper table required.
  • Our wallpaper is printed to order so please expect 14-21 days for delivery.
  • If you require help calculating your wallpaper, we suggest using this link to help calculate
  • Pattern Repeat is 74cm 1/2 drop repeat

Kakao Wallpaper in Matcha

5.2 Square meters
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