An A3 Sample of Assemble Wallpaper in Pastel-Pink. The assembly of our favourite wild beasts, all in one place. Assemble is a hand drawn line-drawing featuring an infamous ensemble of wildlife including bears, girraffes and flamingos! Digitally printed and willfully off set to give the hand-made crafted feeling of screen printed paper. This charming paper is so fun, playful and full of personality. Created in a pallette of warm pastel shades to evoke softness. Brillaint for big kids as well as the little ones!!


Printed in England on a 10 metre, 52cm wide roll of Eco-Friendly recycled paper.


Note; This paper is super easy to hang. Use a ready mixed prepared adhesive, cover your wall in the paste and place your wallpaper on top - and voila! No wallpaper table required.


Our wallpaper is printed to order so please expect 10-14 days for delivery.

Assemble Pastel Wallpaper Sample A3

VAT Included